SPC "Public Day" Activity Announcement

SPC "Public Open Day" is an open tour to the public.


If you want to get close to the mysterious petrochemical devices by Hangzhou Bay, if you want to experience the magical journey of a drop of oil through phantom imaging, if you want to have face-to-face talks with petrochemical experts and solve the various doubts in your mind, then you will come to the Company and participate in the "Public Open Day" activity of SPC.


The tour included, SPC Exhibition Hall (Shanghai Petrochemical Science and Technology Museum), SPC Production Plants, SPC Emergency Command Center,etc..


Registration: Please send the registration email to the specified mailbox to complete the registration.


Please make an appointment in advance for collective registration. And for individual, please pay attention to ‘New Jinshan Daily’, SPC online website and its official Weibo and WeChat.

Tel.: 021-57941941-21215 (Ms. Chen)

     021-57941941-21219 (Ms. Xun)

Notices of visit: SPC is a special control area stipulated by relevant government departments. Entering the factory area, you should register with your identity card, and please pay attention to the following important items:


1. visitors should be healthy, with normal behavior ability and emergency action ability;

2. Visitors are requested to wear long-sleeved trousers and unspiked shoes with closed toes and heels;

3. No Kindling, no smoking;

4. It is strictly prohibited to touch the equipment, instruments, switches, valves and other types of production facilities;

5. please turn off the mobile phone when you enter the central control room and the device yellow line area,

6. Strictly following the directions given by the accompanying personnel. Do not leave the tour group for your own visit, and always pay attention to traffic safety;

7.If an emergency occurs during the visit, do not panic, please follow the instructions of the accompanying personnel, orderly and safe evacuation;

8. In order to ensure a good experience for the visitors, in principle, each group should be limited to 30 people or less. The company will select qualified visitors according to the order of registration;

9. SPC ‘Public Open Day’ activity is a pure public welfare activity and it does not charge any fees to visitors in any form.


The visitors will have the following registration information: Name, Work Unit, ID No., Contact Details.

Please send to the mailbox: chenwen.shsh@sinopec.com, to complete the registration.