SPC Established Advanced Materials Innovation Institute

The Advanced Materials Innovation Institute was inaugurated on the morning of August 28. This is an important measure launched by SPC in technological innovation, which will strongly promote the transformation and upgrading of the corporate industrial structure and boost the development of a mid-to-high-end new material industry base in the Yangtze River Delta Area.
The Advanced Materials Innovation Institute shoulders four major missions: proactively serving the state important strategic positioning for the development of new materials, concentrating on promoting the challenging of key core technology and industrial innovation; driving the chemical sector towards "energy + materials" and "basic + high-end" in accordance with SPC development goals; taking the initiative to get integrated into the construction of Shanghai Innovation Center of Science and Technology and characteristic industries such as "Carbon Valley Green Bay" in Jinshan district, promoting the enterprise-local integration development of mid-to-high-end new material industry; accelerating the transformation of industrial structure, improvement of quality and benefit, and boosting SPC to develop towards the high end of the innovation chain, industrial chain, and value chain, thusly building a "domestic leading and world-class" energy, chemical and new material enterprise.
The Advanced Materials I Innovation Institute undertakes three major functions: carrying out research of core technology, focusing on developing a complete set of carbon fiber engineering technology; conducting new material application research, concentrating on market applications and industrialization orientations, and focusing on developing one-stop solutions of mid-to-high-end new materials from basic materials to intermediate products and structural components for upstream, midstream and downstream industries; carrying out industrial cooperation and innovation, focusing on transforming R&D into technology, transforming products into industries, and promoting the capitalization and industrialization of technological innovation, and striving to build an industrial structure with carbon fiber industry as the core to drive polyester, polyolefin, elastomer, and C5 downstream fine chemical new material industry to achieve breakthroughs and extended development, thusly forming mid-to-high-end new material industry clusters to create new output value and new benefits.