SPC’s first 400 kw photovoltaic power station connected to grid

On August 24, the SPC’s demonstration photovoltaic power station with an installed capacity of 400 kw was successfully connected to the grid, which can reduce carbon emissions by 341 T/Y. As the first new energy pilot project of Sinopec SPC, its completion and operation marks that the company has taken an important step in accelerating the development of new energy and low-carbon transformation.

The photovoltaic plant is installed on the roof of the 220 kv distribution room of Thermal Power Department of SPC. The average annual power generation capacity is about 400,000 kwh and the power is mainly used in the daily operation of the auxiliary electrical equipment of the department. The pilot implementation of the photovoltaic project by SPC aims to learn from the successful cases of the application of new energy, get through the whole process of photovoltaic power generation device construction, and cultivate the professional and technical personnel of the construction and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation projects, so as to start a good step for the new energy development and comprehensive energy application of SPC.