Lingang Group Paid an Exchange Visit to SPC

On October 25th, lv Ming, president of Lingang Group and his delegation visited SPC to exchange on the work of hydrogen energy industrial exploration. Wu Haijun, Chairman of SPC and Huang Xiangyu, deputy general manager, attended the exchange meeting.

Lv Ming introduced the general situation of the industrial development of Lingang group, saying their main business is the exploration of industrial parks and they also make industrial investments on the basis of their good performance in service for enterprises. He hoped that SPC could increase its industrial investments, and especially accelerate its plan in hydrogen energy industry and establishment of hydrogen supply center to promote the orderly and healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry. 

Wu Haijun said that SPC has been accelerating its pace in developing the hydrogen energy industrial chain in recent years and has just held a high-end forum on hydrogen energy industry development recently. SPC has rich hydrogen gas resources with interconnected pipe networks around it. He hoped that both sides could take the advantage of the pipes in the suburban areas and strengthen cooperation in hydrogen storage and transportation to improve the competitiveness and economy of hydrogen energy industry, actively promote the development of the industry and make contributions to the green, low-carbon and sustainable development.