SPC Torch Team Successfully Completed the Torch Relay Guarantee Task

On the evening of February 4th, the last winter Olympic torch stayed at the center of the “giant snowflake” in the National Stadium, flying into the air, burning as the cauldron.
Then, the SPC torch team disassembled the torch fuel tank for the torch bearers in the opening ceremony. So far, the SPC torch team has successfully completed the task of torch relay guarantee.
Since receiving the task in June 2020, the team has participated in the research and development of the carbon fiber shell of the torch “Feiyang”, the mass production, and the assembly and guarantee work in the torch relay. On January 21st, the 17-member team went to Beijing, to “escort” the torch relay and the lighting of the cauldron at the opening ceremony.
Before the torch relay, the most critical part is the torch assembly. 900 torches should be assembled within 3 days, and the other 300 torches should be assembled within 1 day with half the staff. Limited time made the task more challenging. However, the closely coordinated team, completed the assembly work six hours in advance.
On February 2nd,the launching ceremony of the torch relay of Beijing Olympic winter games was held in the Olympic Forest Park. Li Peng, the vice manager of the Carbon Fiber Department of SPC, completed his relay task as the 85th torch bearer in the runway area in the park.
By February 4th, the SPC torch team stayed at each relay station,and successfully completed the task of guaranteeing the disassembly of the torch fuel tank for torch bearers. Then, they immediately devoted themselves into the mass production, reassembly, test and on-site service for the winter Paralympic torch.