The Construction of 250KT / a Thermoplastic Elastomer Project in Jinshan Started

On June 16, the 250KT / a thermoplastic elastomer project of Shanghai Jinshan Baling new materials Co., Ltd. started construction. This project is expected to be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2023, with a total investment of 3.27 billion yuan. It is one of the major industrial projects in Shanghai in 2022.

Ruan Li, vice chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Zhu Jianhao, deputy director of the Shanghai housing and urban-rural development committee and executive deputy director of Shanghai major project construction office, attended the commencement ceremony and delivered speeches. Li Zelong, deputy Party secretary of the CPC Jinshan District Committee, director of the district government and Wu Haijun, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of SPC delivered speeches. He Dongbin, deputy director of the Jinshan District Government, Jin Qiang and Huang Fei, Deputy General Managers of SPC, etc, attended the ceremony. Zhai Jinguo, deputy director of the Jinshan District Government, presided over the commencement ceremony.

Wu Haijun said that as a major industrial project in Shanghai, the thermoplastic elastomer project is aimed at the national "dual carbon" and "dual circulation" strategies and Shanghai's "North-South Transformation" strategy, and integrated into the "one base, two wings and three new" industrial pattern of Sinopec, It is an important measure to promote the implementation of SPC's development ideas of "transforming oil refining to chemical industry, chemical industry to materials, materials to high-end, and parks to ecology". The project is conducive to promoting the intensive and high-end development of new material industry, cultivating new advantages in the development of new material industry, building a new strategic fulcrum for the future development of "Shanghai Bay Area" and adding new momentum to the high-quality development of Shanghai.

Thermoplastic elastomer is a basic polymer material, which has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber. It is easy to process and apply, safe and environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Because of its excellent performance, thermoplastic elastomer is widely used in sports track, sole elastic material, infant products, medical supplies, sports goods, epidemic prevention products, antibacterial and mildew proof materials, adult products, 5G communication optical fiber cable and other product fields, and can be implanted into human body, non-toxic and harmless.