SPC’s First Large-tow Carbon Fiber Domestic Production Line completed the mechanical installation

After 20 months of construction, the first set of large-tow carbon fiber domestic production line of SPC completed the mechanical installation on August 15, which is a key step for the next stage of test run.

The intermediate handover parts of Phase I Project include four precursor production lines in the precursor factory and two oxidation and carbonization lines in the No.2 carbon fiber factory of the Carbon Fiber Division. After being completed and put into operation, the production capacity of precursor and carbon fiber will be greatly increased.

From the precursor production lines to the oxidation and carbonization lines,all the equipment used in Phase I Project are domestic. And the whole production process has the remarkable characteristics of high technology and intelligence. It is a milestone in the history of carbon fiber construction in China to build high-tech carbon fiber production line with core technology of independent intellectual property rights and domestic equipment independently researched and manufactured.

The large-tow carbon fiber project is a key project for the transformation and development of new materials of the company. After being completed and put into operation, it will not only greatly improve the single line production capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber, but also reduce China’s reliance on imports and end supply shortages. It will help driving the high-quality development of Chinas carbon fiber industry and promote the transformation and upgrade of Chinas manufacturing power to make China rank among the world's leaders.

Zhao RiFeng, vice president of Sinopec, announced the intermediate handover. Wan Tao, Wu Haijun, Guan Zemin, Jin Qiang and Huang Xiangyu, Leaders of SPC,attended the ceremony.