Chen Jining Visited SPC

On the afternoon of  November 24, Chen Jining, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, visited SPC for investigation, listened to the introduction of SPC’s reform and development and research and production of material, inspected the production process of large tow carbon fiber, thanked SPC for its long-term contribution to Shanghai's economic development, and pointed out that having been pushing forward scientific and technological research, SPC has overcome the key technology of large tow carbon fiber production series , and formed new competitive advantage in the industry.

Chen raised two hopes for SPC. First, SPC should take the opportunity of accelerating the south-north industrial transformation strategy, further deepen the cooperation between government and enterprise, speed up the transformation and upgrading, promote the breakthrough of key core technology, better play the role of leading and leading high-end industries, and accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries such as new material. Second, SPC must stick to the bottom line of safety, give priority to environmental protection, strictly implement the requirements of eco-environmental protection and safe production, effectively improve the level of refined management, ensure production safety and meet environmental protection standards.

Zhuge Yujie, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, participated in the investigation. Wan Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPC, Guan Zemin, General Manager, and Huang Xiangyu, Deputy General Manager accompanied the investigation.