SPC Passed the Review of Environmentally Friendly Enterprise

Recently, SPC passed the review of environmentally friendly enterprise and obtained the certificate.

During the review, the China Environmental Protection Federation and the certification authority fully approved SPC’s energy and environmental management work , and expected SPC to continuously optimize its resource allocation and strive to be the industry leader after reviewing the contents of Shanghai Petrochemical's pollution emissions, energy and environmental technical and economic indicators, clean production audit and system certification, current environmental achievements and commitments to future performance, and public participation in environmental management services.

In the past three years, through systematic work such as system certification, clean production and green enterprise action, SPC has continuously followed up and improved the production process optimization, pollutant emission reduction and treatment,and energy saving and consumption reduction, ensuring the realization of the company's energy and environmental performance and environmental protection commitment, and the public's overall satisfaction with SPC's environment has reached 98%.