The Symposium on Joint Development Held

   Recently, Jinshan District, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone and SPC held the 2023 regional joint development symposium at the Jinshan District Public Service Center. At the symposium, the three parties shared friendship, cooperation, and development plans. Liu Jian, Party Secretary of Jinshan District, Shanghai, Ma Jing, Party Secretary and Director of Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Management Committee, and Wan Tao, Party Secretary and Chairman of SPC, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Liu Jian pointed out that in recent years, the communication between Jinshan District, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone and SPC has become more frequent and smoother, especially after experiencing major "battles" such as the joint fight against the Covid-19 and the Great Shanghai Defense War. , the tripartite relationship is closer, and the linkage development effect is better. We firmly believe that as long as the three parties continue to work hand in hand, the prospect of joint development will be even brighter.

For the direction of tripartite cooperation in the next stage, Liu Jian put forward three suggestions. First, we must work hard to adhere to high-quality development and jointly promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Second, we must make a fuss about the implementation of efficient governance and jointly build a community of urban management. Third, we must make great efforts to create a high-quality life and jointly seek the development of social undertakings.

Chairman Wan reviewed the remarkable positive results achieved in 2022 through the three-party linkage to jointly promote the integration of industry and city, industrial transformation and upgrading, and the continuous deepening of joint construction of enterprises and local government. He pointed out that this is the result of SPC’s cooperation with local governments and industry partners to explore the path of green and low-carbon transformation and the integration of industry and city at an unprecedented historical turning point in reform and development.

Chairman Wan put forward the work goals and requirements of SPC on promoting the three-party linkage and assisting the integration of industry and city. First, in the face of opportunities and challenges, it is a heavy responsibility to accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise. SPC will focus on the future, start with a single step, take immediate action, accumulate year after year, and climb step by step. All work must focus on the key of value creation, and creatively solve problems such as resource continuity, kinetic energy continuity, market continuity, and talent continuity, with the momentum of "Can't be slow", "can't wait" and "can't sit still", seize opportunities, prevent risks, and promote the company's high-quality development to take solid steps. The second is to seek a blueprint for common development and work together to promote the high-quality integrated development of industry and city. Strengthening enterprise-local cooperation, strengthening regional resource integration, adhering to the direction of fine chemicals, accelerating the upgrading of industrial energy levels, and promoting the "North-South Transformation" strategy are the missions entrusted to SPC by the party and the people. We will shoulder great responsibilities, actively integrate into Shanghai's goal and vision of building a socialist modern international metropolis with world influence, practice Sinopec's "one base, two wings and three new" industrial structure and the construction of "Shanghai Base" plan, and actively promote implementation of Shanghai’s "North-South Transformation" development strategy.

Li Zelong, deputy secretary of the Jinshan District Committee and head of the district, Hou Jinhua, deputy director of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Management Committee, and Guan Zemin, general manager of SPC, respectively introduced the development of Jinshan District, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, and SPC in 2022 and the development ideas for 2023. Leaders of Jinshan District Qiu Yunli, He Dongbin and Zhai Jinguo, leaders of Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Jin Jian and Yang Yanhui, deputy general managers of SPC Jin Qiang and Huang Xiangyu attended the meeting.