SPC’s megawatt-level photovoltaic power station connected to the grid for power generation

Recently, SPC's first megawatt-scale photovoltaic power station realized grid-connected power generation, with an annual power generation of 1.41 million kWh and a corresponding reduction of 851.64 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The photovoltaic power station was built in the warehouse of SPC Corporation on Huanjiang Road. Using the effective area of the warehouse roof of 13,000 square meters, monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules were installed, with a total installed capacity of 1.53 megawatts. It operates in the way of energy storage for self-use. During the day, photovoltaic power generation is used online to charge the battery, and at night the battery is discharged to provide electricity for the intelligent warehouse robot and warehouse constant temperature and humidity equipment, which can fully meet the warehouse's electricity demand and effectively reduce warehouse operating costs to achieve low-carbon and environmentally friendly operation.