SPC Increases 3 Photovoltaic Power Stations thus Cutting CO2 Emission by 10,000 tons/year

SPC welcomed its harvest time on the construction of the photovoltaic power station this year, No.3, No.4, and No.5 photovoltaic power station were concentratedly grid-connected recently.

According to the principle of “to grid-connect adjacently, to consume locally, and to lower lose and be more efficient”, the three photovoltaic power stations were clusteredly constructed, which are namely South Suitang River photovoltaic power station, North Carbon Fiber Division photovoltaic power station, and South Carbon Fiber Division photovoltaic power station. The effective area where photovoltaic modules were laid reached 90,000m2.

With the joining of these three new megawatt-level photovoltaic power stations, SPC photovoltaic power station’s electricity generation capacity reaches 16 megawatt, and the annual average electricity generation rose to 18,860,000KWH, which could reduce CO2 emission of 10,756 tons, and save 5,847 tons of standard coal.