SPC Starts Construction of Clean and Efficient Cogeneration Unit

On November 18th, SPC commenced construction on a cutting-edge, clean, and highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) unit, which boasts world-class technology. This project has been listed as a key energy construction project in the 14th Five Year Plan of Shanghai, which will assist in the energy security and low-carbon transformation, and upgrading of coal-fired power systems in Shanghai. It is also a "life project" to support the high-quality transformation and development of green, low-carbon, and intelligent manufacturing of SPC.

The project is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2026. After being put into operation, the annual power generation will be 2.2 billion kWh, the heat supply will be 31 million GJ, and the original "7 boilers and 7 turbines" active unit will gradually be decommissioned. Compared with existing units, the new unit's energy efficiency can be increased from 60% to 87.8% due to the current internationally optimal design scheme adopted in the project. As a result, the annual coal consumption will decrease by 16.7% and the total annual carbon emissions will decrease by 1.1 million tons, equivalent to planting about 60 million trees, which will effectively promote the green and low-carbon development of SPC.