Jin-Hong Jet Fuel Pipeline was Built up and Put into Operation

    On 12 December, the Jin-Hong (Jinshan District-Hongqiao Airport) Jet Fuel Pipeline was built up and put into operation, which can provide one million tons of jet fuel yearly for Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

    Jin-Hong Jet Fuel Pipeline Project is a major project in Shanghai. The starting point of the pipeline is located in the Second Workshop of the Storage and Transportation Department of SPC, and the final station is at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, with a total length of 73.6 kilometres. As an important jet fuel supplier to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, SPC accounts for 60% of the total supply. However, due to the limitation of transport conditions, for decades, the company has been transporting jet fuel to tankers through the marine terminal, and then the tankers would deliver it to the terminal of Shanghai Branch of CNAF Petrochemical Pipeline Transportation Company Ltd. which was located at the edge of the Huangpu River, and then sent to the Hongqiao Oil Depot after entering the oil tanks. It is a long process, inefficient, and increases the normal loss.

    After the pipeline’s put into operation, it can effectively upgrade the resource supplying capacity of SPC and also expand the supplying scope of jet fuel.