SPC and Jinshan District Government Signed “Transformation and Upgrading” Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On January 31st, SPC and Jinshan District government held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony. Jinshan District Executive Chief Li Zelong and General Manager of SPC Guan Zemin signed the “the Strategic Cooperation Agreement about Accelerating Transformation and Development”. Secretary of CPC Jinshan District Committee Liu Jian held the meeting, Jinshan District Leaders Qiu Yunli, He Dongbin, Ge Jun, and leaders from SPC Wan Tao, Du Jun, Huang Xiangyu, Huang Fei, Li Shantao attended the meeting.

The content of the strategic cooperation agreement includes: to corporately boost the high-quality development of green chemical industry, to jointly promote efficient management of safety and environmental protection, and to collectively facilitate the enhancement of high-quality life in the region, and so on.